Matrix 7

Matrix 7 is one of the most powerful morphic fields that fuels one of the most powerful energies. 7 is the most powerful and mystical number in the world. It has been used in the great pyramids in Egypt and by many mystery cults and religions. Pyramids are the portals to the 7th dimension. This is a dimension you can experience through the Matrix 7 initiation.

Through multiplication the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 can be created or create each other. The number 7 cannot be created through multiplication or division, nor can it create any of the other numbers above. This fact makes 7 a very mystical and interesting number. The number 7 is more influential than most people think. We carry this number inside of us as a deep, subconscious spiritual truth. Its influence is vast. The power it has over us is great.

Spiritually 7 stands for being outside the wheel of karma, the life cycle, or for some, the wheel of suffering. 7 stands outside of time, space and universal laws. It symbolizes creation itself where all of reality is forged. It is the power of creation itself. It is the power of God that exists in a different dimension, but at the same time exists right now. 7 has great meaning for every culture on the planet.

Being initiated into Matrix 7 helps to connect you to your TRUE SELF, the pure awareness that you truly are. You will return to source and find inner peace. At the same time you will return this peace to the earth, you will live in peace and spread peace. You will become a part of the powerful Morphic Field that has protected our civilization since the beginning of time. Matrix 7 will help you break the wheel of karma once and for all when you want it to. Through it you will take care of all your problems by simply letting go of the wheel and finding a blissful place of peace with and without. 7 will be awakened in you once more. It will rise up within you to become the most important thing in your life. This is a very simple system to use, anytime and any place.

Matrix 7 will help you to live in the present, to exist in the now. It will help you to stop living in the past or the future, which are products of the mind, and not from your awareness. Matrix 7 is everywhere. It is deep within us, above us, below us, and around us. It brings us back to our divine core. For our spiritual journey this is our only goal. This attunement will be a Quantum leap in your spiritual development.

This attunement is only sent by chi ball.

Founders:  Michael and Daniela Hills