Pearlized Silver Seichim

Pearlized Silver Seichim has a matrix of pearlized silver Seichim energies. Their “Pearlized” quality means that they have smooth gentle colors in all the spectrums of the rainbow from here and beyond. These include colors that are not visible to our human eyes, yet readily received as “home” to our inner being and soul. Seichim is the rainbow light, love and life energy from Eternal Sacred Source. The energies of these attunements all respond to traditional Seichim symbols you might be familiar with.

The Pearlized Silver base of this Seichim energy system is of a refining quality that lifts you to receive from the most exalted level of these energies that you are ready for. Each time you call upon any of these energy streams to arrive unto you, you will continually receive the most exalted energy frequencies that are appropriate for you in each now moment.

Spiritually, the energy vibration of silver has been known to help people align more with the Angelic Realm. It is also said to awaken the cosmic mind, and be symbolic of cleanliness. Each of the colors that comprise the various energy rivers of Pearlized Silver Seichim will have different meanings for each person calling them.

Pearlized Silver Seichim has three levels.

Level 1: Pearlized Golden Violet Silver Seichim – for clearing, spiritual growth and protection. Gold is the glorious, majestic energy of Source.

Level 2: Pearlized Royal Blue Silver Seichim – intensive energy for alignment with Divine Will.

Level 3: Pearlized Silver Seichim Body: brings attributes of all Seichim octaves to wear around your body.

Prerequisite: You must be a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher to pass Pearlized Silver Seichim to others.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture