Pelvic Basket Shakti Set



Pelvic Basket Shakti set supports and energizes your hip and pelvic area. The Shakti are pure, delicate, subtle, yet strong Feminine Divine Intelligences. They will quickly learn the needs of your body and update their capabilities to suit our own individual requirements for health.

This system contains:

Yesod Shakti: corresponds with the Yesod Shakti of the Yesod Sephira of the Sphirot Tree of Life Energy Spheres of your body. It means foundation.

Hod Shakti: represents Glory and Majesty.

Netzach Shakti: represents Victory.

Tiphareth Shakti: means Redeemer or Beauty.

Indu Shakti: the seat of your intellect and higher mind.

Talu Shakti: also called the Zeal point or Bliss chakra or mouth of God/Goddess.

Door of Life Shakti: thought to be the area through which a soul enters the womb to join with the cells there that will become the full body of the child.

You can run the Pelvic Basket Shakti Set for yourself, your loved ones, friends or clients if that person has already attended to spiritual hygiene.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture