Shadow Phoenix - Black Phoenix of Protection

Shadow Phoenix – Black Phoenix of Protection connects you to the spirit of the phoenix as protector and to universal creative source. The Spirit of the Phoenix is known for rising above obstacles, but little is known of the Shadow Phoenix, which is a strong and quiet watcher protector. You will be able to connect quickly to this spirit energy to help you with release, personal empowerment and powerful protection.

The Shadow Phoenix is another aspect of the well-known Phoenix. It is always keeping any eye out for anything that may block your energies or bring trouble or harm. You may feel the sense of alarm within when there is potential for negative energy to interfere with your life purpose. Once you have connected to the energies of the Shadow Phoenix, this inner alarm system will alert you in time to lessen the effects of a situation or issue of negative energy to help you prevent any harmful effects.

The release that takes place with this attunement does not cause ill side effects. It brings in energies of joy, confidence and strength. The personal empowerment of knowing you can achieve anything you set your intention to comes in with a strong yet soothing energy that builds to help you stand in your own power against all challenges. You can achieve success and you can be true to yourself with honor and joy. The Shadow Phoenix watches over your heart, your dreams, your passions, your creativity and your joy. It keeps your positive desires well focused as you rise above those who would weigh you down or prevent your success. The Black Phoenix eats negative energies and destroys their abilities to stick to you in any of your energy fields. It does not cause harm to others, but will protect you and your dreams of future happiness as it stops the negative energies from attaching and interfering with your soul purpose and life path.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)