Tornado Tension Tamer

Tornado Tension Tamer is swirling energy that moves through your energy fields to remove tension. This system is easy to use even when you are out and about during your day and need to release frustration, stress and other people’s disturbing emotions from your own energy fields and awareness.

Tornado Tension Tamer is the spiritual movement of the White Light energies your helping healing guardian angels and guides from Eternal Sacred Source are doing for you. When you are attuned to this system it gives you the authority to ask for this spiritual technology to be active within your body and energy fields. The many little White Light Tornadoes that spin in both directions are superb at spinning out all that does not belong. Their spiral energies spin as a DNA helix would. Spiral energies are one of the Divine Blueprint energies, and thus their movement is a perfect spiritual hygiene tool.

Enjoy the freedom of life without the fog of other people’s emotions and your own frustrations that daily life an often bring as we go about our work and family obligations.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture