Amman Ankali LIght of One Thousand Eyes Empowerment


Goddess Amman Ankali is a ferocious guardian figure. She has 1000 eyes to keep a protecting watch on her devotees. Call on Amman Anakli in her fierce wrarrior form to obliterate evil spirits, remove illness, shield and protect you and your loved ones, your business, your income and your property. She is a watchful guardian who exposes your enemies to you and to the world.

Amman means Mother and Ankali Amman is Mother Goddess. In this aspect she will watch over you as a kind and loving Mother watches over her child. She will assist you in removing pain and suffering. Amman Ankali begets light to the darkest places.

Amman Ankali Light of One Thousand Eyes Benefits:

1000 Eyes Observation
Autonomous Defense
Crush lies, gossip, rumors
Eradicate Illness
Expose Enemies
Loving Kindness to Devotees
Obliterate Evil Intentions
Prevention of Attack
Property Guardian
Removal of Pain and Suffering
Ricocheting Ill Events
Shedding Light on Darkness
Shield and Protect
Your Personal Guardian
Your Personal Watcher


Founder:  Rosemary Noel