Descension Integration


Descension Integration is designed to help those parts of you that descended from your soul anytime after birth to integrate with you seamlessly. At various times throughout our lives, more of who we are arrives from our soul. Most of the time these descensions don’t have a personality that contrasts with the parts of you that are already here in this body. Sometimes a soul part arrives with likes and dislikes as well as a demeanor that is different than what you are accustomed to. Integrating these various aspects of you can be a challenge. Integration often requires direction in order for it to happen.

Descensions usually happen after you have completed a life purpose or mission. Many Lightworkers have felt that feeling of wanting to “go home” after they complete what they feel they were here to do. Unless a new life purpose presents itself to them, life here can feel meaningless although complete. It can feel as if their job is done.

When a new life purpose is brought forth from deep inside you by Eternal Sacred Source, it is probable that new skills and abilities may need to arrive in order for you to be equipped to accomplish your new mission. Sometimes the parts of you that are already here in your body can simply be upgraded. Other times it would serve you and Divinity better to have more of you, from your soul level descend into your body to help you. After receiving a descension you may feel fractured because at the conscious level you might not be familiar with the part of yourself that has arrived from your soul.

Some of the clues that this energy system is for you:
You feel scattered.
You noticed a change in life outlook.
You felt like you were done with all you were supposed to do here, now you are not so sure, new possibilities feel to beckon to you.
Your likes and dislikes have recently changed.
You feel one way sometimes bout a topic and another way at a different time without a continuity of the thoughts.
Headaches came on recently and last longer than before.
Parts of you feel totally done here while other parts feel geared up for life purpose.
No ability to reconcile vastly different feelings about the same topic.
Mood swing increase.
Depression increase.
Wanting to rip part of yourself out or send it away.
Feeling like a part of you is near, but you can’t quite integrate it.
New abilities have arrived but aren’t always accessible.

Prerequlsite: Reiki Master Teacher


Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture