Ken Dedes Ray



Ken Dedes Ray is an attunement process and an energy system that has benefits for clearing your aura from negativity. It also strengthens your body metabolism and normalizes your body cell regeneration. When you are well and your metabolism is normal your energy is well too, and your mind will be more calm and peaceful. Inner Beauty will appear and be stronger. You will be seen as more beautiful or handsome. Ken Dedes Ray is a feminine energy so this system has a very calm and soft energy.

Benefits of Ken Dedes Ray:
Normalcy of your body metabolism and cell regeneration
You mind is more calm and peaceful
Clearing your aura from negative energy
Appear and increase your Inner Beauty

This system is for your personal use, not to be activated for others. If they want or need the energy and benefits of Ken Dedes Ray you can pass the attunement to them.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso