Ocean Friends Reiki

Ocean Friends Reiki guides you to the waters of love, power and peaceful healing. This healing system pulls much from the animal totem/shamanic belief about these three very special beings from the sea, the manatee, the seahorse and the sea turtle. They all have very special healing qualities, nurturing sides and are also quite spirited.

By letting the medicine of each of these animals heal you, lead you, and grant you wisdom, you will be open to so much more that nature has to gift you with. If you already love manatees, seahorses and sea turtles then this will take you much deeper in their waters of healing love and wisdom.

Let’s learn from these great sea beings so we may help them live freely on Earth, freely, easily and with honor, as they serve in unity with humankind.

Ocean Friends Reiki has a very extensive 54 page manual that includes:

About the authors
Ocean Friends Reiki
Ocean Friends Reiki commitment
Ocean Friends Reiki journal
Ocean Friends Reiki journey

Your animal totems

Manatee friends
Manatee and dugong info
Manatee visualization
Manatee meditation
Manatee love medicine attunement (Level 1)

Seahorse friends
Seahorse info
Seahorse visualization
Seahorse meditation
Seahorse strength medicine attunement (Level 2)

Sea turtle friends
Sea turtle info
Sea turtle visualization
Sea turtle meditation
Sea turtle healing medicine attunement (Level 3)

Ocean friends: putting them all together
Ocean Friends Reiki visualization
Ocean Friends Reiki meditation
Ocean Friends Reiki symbol
Ocean Friends Reiki medicine attunement (Master Level)

Ocean friends forever
Ocean Friends Reiki commitment
After completing the system: for Master Teachers
A note from Shanti and Virginia
Ocean friends organizations


Founder:  Shanti Johnson