Quartz Crystal Key Awakening

Quartz Crystal Key Awakening gives you the permissions you need to access the information, divine programs, energy and wisdom in quartz crystals, especially the ridges and etchings upon their faces which are believed to be naturally inscribed information. Anyone who can feel spiritual energies will likely feel a definite uplifting and upgrading even if the exact informational topics are not consciously accessible right away.

After receiving the attunement some people will be able to read a crystal’s etchings and ridges as they would read a book. Other people will simply know that information has opened up to them, but they won’t have conscious access to it. Everyone will have access to exactly the information when it is right for them to have it.

Everyone has spiritual and life purposes both for their soul evolution as well as in service to Eternal Sacred Source, and possibly for Earth and her many inhabitants. That means that different information is useful and beneficial for different people. Much of the information will be used by your body to help it hold higher vibrations. Sometimes information will be for you to keep safe, held secret to eventually pass on to other people. Sometimes it is just part of an entire volume of information that is for you.

Quartz Crystal Key awakening helps your body to understand the language and implement the changes, which are in alignment with your highest joyful good. Your higher self and soul will rejoice when it perceives the information and divine codes to which have now become awakened to.

Your higher self and soul will become more in sync with your body. There can be a more direct line of communication between you here in a body and your higher self and soul.

There are four levels in Quartz Crystal Key Awakening. It is an entirely personal use only energy system. Instead you may attune others into this system.

Prerequisite: Reiki Master Teacher


Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture