Transmutation Violet Energy Essence



Transmutation Violet Energy Essence connects you to source energy, your higher self and to the pure energy essence of Transmutation Violet color. It brings change and empowerment, and helps you to delete past mistakes and energy that have created the obstacles and stagnant energies that you back at this time. The energies work to transmute the negative effects and energies so that positive change can come in and help to lessen the negative effects of the past. This wonderful energy draws in positive change.

Violet is a very powerful transformational color, but when added to the full intention of change and transforming the past mistakes and limiting the negative effects of those mistakes, or tally clearing them out, this energy is truly empowering. You will be able to branch off in a new direction of exploration as you move along toward your goals.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)