Golden Eye Grid


The Golden Eye Grid is a workshop that brings inner knowledge and realization. The Golden Eye looks deep into our SELF. It stands for the awakening of the mind, and is the symbol of perception, which becomes sharpened with this attunement. Your consciousness will become expanded, and you will learn a method for solving problems, and how to look into the future with the practice of the exercises included in the extensive 38 page manual. The Golden Eye enables you to send information to others.

What will the Golden Eye Grid Attunement do for you?

• The Golden Eye brings calmness of thought, thus creating space for information about receiving or sending.
• It helps to connect you to information and therefore to become a channel for it.
• The Golden Eye in the grid will consciously help you to connect with everything and observe what IS.
• It brings you into the state of the observer and creator.
• Through the attunement of the Golden Eye Grid, your spirit will be awakened. You will realize that everything in life is kind of a game, and that you decide how you will play the game.
• You realize that you are connected to everything that IS, and that there are no coincidences anymore.
• The Golden Eye of Inner Realization will help you to observe situations from “above” in order to truly understand what is happening in these situations.
• It opens your intuition and connects you with your inner wisdom.
• It also helps you to look through the eyes of other people so you might understand them better.
• With the help of this eye and grid you can be with this consciousness at many places at once.
• The attunement will help you towards self-mastery.
• You learn how to detect your conscious and unconscious belief patterns and through this realization you transform them.
• It is possible to detect the root causes of problems, not only in this life, but also in past lives.

Requirements for working with The Golden Eye Grid:

• The understanding that you have created everything in your life with the power of your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.
• The understanding that we are all energetically connected with each other, and thus our thoughts and actions affect ourselves and others.
• The knowledge that you have the ability to change everything in your life.
• The ability to relax and let go.


Founder:  Daniela Hills