Responsive Nadi Renewal

Responsive Nadi Renewal brings you the cleansing energy of Quan Yin’s Lavender Rose Flame Reiki and the fulfilling energy of Shamballa MDH or Higher energy. The function of this cleansing renewal is to clear away any blockages or less than pure, or dense energy from your body and Lightbody, and then to refill those pathways with the most exalted energy.

The Lavender Rose Flame Reiki of Quan Yin is a gentle, yet effective, lovingly cleansing energy. Shamballa MDH or Higher energy is a combination of Reiki, Mahatma, and the energy of the Ascender Masters.

You will also receive the Lotus Jewel of Freedom as a function of this system. Its dispensations sovereignty.

The Responsive Nadi Renewal attunement is a multi-dimensional system that can be used for physical comfort, health and replenishing, or to expedite you into your next highest step to live the most exalted option in each moment, embrace your divinity and bring all of your I AM presence that is appropriate for you at the moment.

The Lotus Jewel will help to choose your rate of growth and reality while keeping you as comfortable as possibly physically. For those who are already clearing and growing at an accelerated pace, Responsive Nadi Renewal will likely provide ease, comfort and assistance because it brings the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa, the Ascended Masters from the Higher Dimensions to assist you, giving you immediate access to levels of support not experienced in this way before.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture