Soul Part Detachment

Soul Part Detachment with Glorious Reorganization helps to “unstick” pieces of you that have been stuck in a configuration within you that was causing disruption to your natural joy, inner peace and ability to co-create with Divinity what you want in your life. We are often compilations at the soul level, of soul aspects, which may or may not have had other incarnations. Choices made by pieces of your soul at other times, in other places may be hindering your life’s ease and joy now. Soul Part Detachment also means that if there were parts of you that were stuck together in uncomfortable ways or are causing inner conflict, those parts will detach from one another and be reorganized in a better way.

Soul Part Detachment doesn’t attend to other people’s soul parts conjoined in your body with except in the instance of a walk-in/drop-in situation. If you still have soul parts in your body or that have merged with your soul, though they belong to the previous occupant of your body, you can bee freed from them with this system if it is in Divine Will and your highest joyful good.

Some people won’t have any soul parts that need to be released and yet are drawn to this system. The Strength Movers of the Light, Glorious Reorganization is a Light being that can reorganize parts/aspects/pieces of your soul in a better way, assisting your internal and glorious reorganization of all the parts and pieces that are within your body and at your soul level.

Soul Part Detachment with Glorious Reorganization detaches and rearranges parts and pieces of you and your soul into a new configuration. Maybe the way you were initially put together is not ideal now. Maybe, due to the life changes you have made and the conscious choices you are making now, you would be better served by the parts of you being rearranged to fit differently within you. The pieces may need to be moved around so that you feel better and more like yourself than you ever have before. It can be a feeling of coming home within yourself.


Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture