ThunderWomb Attunement


ThunderWomb Attunement connects to the Earth Star and Root Chakras, allowing you to feel safe and secure in your physical vehicle, and assisting you to nurture yourself and feel comfortable in your present incarnation. The energy of this system helps you to align and be in resonance with Mother Earth, and helps you to remain grounded and align to the magnetic core of the Earth.

ThunderWomb Attunement opens, clears and stimulates the Root chakra, allowing cleansing “Light” energy to remove all low discordant vibrational energies so that your physical vehicle is able to vibrate at a much higher frequency. It grounds “Spiritual Light” into your physical being, raising your vibrations and helping with “spiritual healing” of your energy fields, and any energetic imbalances within the Root Chakra that are manifesting as physical issues connected to the Root Chakra. The high vibrational energy of ThunderWomb gives you “Spiritual strength” to overcome feelings of insecurity by increasing your self-confidence so you can stand in your own power.

This system provides for ease of centering yourself and it can help to dispel negative emotional patterns of anxiety, stress and fear, replacing them with the higher vibration of joy. It balances the energy of the body, emotions and spirit.


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso