Tikun Hakklali Shakti


Tikun Hakklali is the name of a prayer extracted/decrypted from Prophet David psalms by a cabbalist saint named Rebbe Nachman. Reciting this prayer in a specific manner has a great effect for healing, cleansing, solving life problems, clearing obstacles and reaching abundance, and finally spiritual growth.

The energy system of Tikun Hakklali Shakti has even greater and deeper effects than reciting the prayer, especially when you let it flow to your freely and use it permanently.

Tikun Hakklali Shakti is a spiritual healing force. It helps us to restore our lost spiritual light if it has become dim, helping us to become more in harmony with the universe, all that is.

It helps in developing inner vision and experiencing a deeper Oneness with All and the Divine Source, as raising consciousness and personal power.

Tikun Hakklali Shakti Benefits:

Restoring spiritual power and light
Healing of disease, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
Creating new hope and desire for life
Changing our view to a higher divine view
Deep clearing in body and subtle bodies
Strengthen aura and energy body
Upraising of one’s energy vibration
Great psychic protection
Helping to live in peace with others
Healing fear and despair
Improving one’s ability to have greater positive effect on others
Great sexual clearing, healing, restoration
Helps to release unused and negative energies and thought, feeling from the past

7 Tikun Hakklali Empowerments:

1. Tikun Hakklali Shakti Divine Heart Awakening Empowerment
2. Tikun Hakklali Forgiveness Empowerment
3. Tikun Hakklali Shakti Sacred Sexuality Awakening Empowerment
4. Tikun Hakklali Shakti: Sexual Healing Empowerment
5. Tikun Hakklali Shakti Psychic Protection Activation Empowerment
6. Tikun Hakklali Shakti Appreciation Empowerment
7. Tikun Hakklali Shakti Blissful Living Empowerment

Prerequisite: Reiki or Kundalini Reiki Master Level

Founder:  Mahacita Bahuruci