Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter


Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter Device is very helpful in presenting feelings of freedom, peace, calm, equanimity and confidence within our life, especially for those who have a bad or broken relationship. It helps them to have a new beginning, not interrupted by all the moments behind, but stepping straight forward in their own life. This system also works strongly to present a healthy state of the physical body.

The world is full of unhealthy relationships in which individuals cling to one another allowing cord attachments to occur between them. Ending relationships can be very tough. It doesn’t matter if you were the person who walked away or if someone else left you, a loss is felt either way. It is especially painful if a relationship ends without closure. Unfortunately, often times when people “break up” they don’t realize that they may very well still have cords attached. The intact cord keeps an open channel for continuous feeding on each other’s emotions and anxieties.

Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter Device is a sharp and strong energetic cutting device that helps us to cut off the energetic cord of relationships. This energetic system stops the energy field interconnections that allow our energetic body to be influenced or from influencing the energy of others. It allows us to have a strong and healthy own life source that is free from the energy attachment from the others, especially our close relatives.


Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana