Trauma Care

Trauma Care is for any trauma your mind, body, emotions or energy fields have experienced, anytime, anywhere. A trauma can be experienced personally, or you may have witnessed others in trauma in real life, or on television or movies. You may have experienced a trauma in a night dream or if your spirit has traveled at night you could have experienced a trauma. What matters is that it is recorded y you and your body as a shock and a disturbance in your peace and confidence that life is good and safe. When your peace and feeling of safety is disturbed, that can undo a lot of other good healing. Things that used to be easy and situations you may have enjoyed may now be full of danger signs in your mind and body responses.

Trauma Care energy system brings you the care and healing assistance of the Trauma Care Team. CARE means Calling all Responsive Eternals. They are Eternal Beings of Love, Light and Life.

Some benefits of your Trauma Care Sessions can include but are not promised or limited to:
• Your present reality feels real
• Your past can be in proper perspective
• You begin to feel whole and then thrive
• Past traumas do not dictate your current choices
• The brightness of a bad memory dims
• You begin to feel peace then live in peace most days
• Any messages your mind and body felt the traumas had to give have now been received and trauma energy releases
• Your mind knows the traumas were witnessed, now allows healing
• Your body allows healing of areas that had been traumatized
• Memories that lingered near the surface of our mind that kept you alert and on guard for disaster now fade
• Good memories previously dwelled upon may claim their place as memories instead of constantly being reviewed as you now gain the feeling of good to happen to you in the future too
• Body reactions to sudden movements or loud sounds as a result of your past traumas can go “offline” now that your body knows it is safe
• The hole in your emotional heart center is repaired and you gain sense of being filled with a well being that stays with you
• Mysterious body symptoms of dis-ease disappear and comfort returns

Other Functions of Trauma Care:

Time Line Repair Shakti: if you are experiencing long ago events as if they just happened or if you are getting lost in fantasizing about the future, or if a bad memory is becoming more and more real you can call upon Time Line Repair Shakti for assistance.

New Identity Integration: is an energy function that integrates the healing you accept today into your identity, revealing your new identity. You may look at your history differently, and where you were a victim you now have claimed your sovereignty to be respected and safe. Your new identity will be integrated into all of who you are.

Health Restoration Shakti: health refers to wholeness. When a person has experienced or witnessed a trauma, some part of who they are is put through a shock. Some part of who they are is less trustful of the world and the people around them. This function restores your faith in life, restores your vital life force and supports you from the inside out.

You must be a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher to pass Trauma Care to others.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture