Turn Around Reiki Empowerment


Turn Around Reiki Empowerment connects you quickly to your higher self and creative source. The energies are very comforting, helping you to turn around things, situations and issues that seem to be going all wrong. It is an energy of turning the situation upside down, which brings changes that turn your situation from going one way to another. It is a matter of changing direction in your energies and thoughts in order to produce positive results.

Turn Around Reiki Empowerment can help you to turn a negative or hurtful situation into a more positive energy that brings harmony into the resolution. It can help you to turn around the lack of money into prosperity and abundance, can turn illness around to wellness, and works for any other situations including relationships that you might want to “turn around.” The energy flows from one point around and through the situation you are dealing with and sweeps the flow into a new direction with positive results.

Changing the direction of energies in this way spins out the negative and unwanted energies, and draws in love, light, heal and abundance to fill the void left as the negativity fades away. Turn Around Reiki Empowerment is easy to use and often brings results very quickly so you can get back on your path to positive healing and more.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)