Violet Ray Protection Flux


Violet Ray Protection Flux gives us protection from negative entities and its spiritual energy helps to remove negative attachments. It is a powerful energy healing for emotional problems, assisting us to let go of worry, promotes positive feelings to release stress and brings peace of mind and calmness.

This is a high spiritual energy that helps us to be more spiritually advanced, and aids in the growth of psychic powers and channeling abilities. The flux of Violet Ray energy enhances our spiritual growth, deep spiritual love and wisdom. The energy of this system opens our Third Eye and Crown Chakra to make the chi that flows down stream to the chakras below.

Many of us who are working on our spiritual development and are opening ourselves up to the light may attract darker energy. Therefore, using a strong protective energetic system is recommended.

Violet Ray Protection Flux has a strong capacity to attract healing power to us, and strong psychic protection for any healer who may be aiding clients to release negative energy. It protects us from any negativity that may be attracted to our “light”.

It has energetic properties in treating dyslexia and other learning difficulties, and is effective in some cases of autism treatment. It also is a strong aid to healing headaches and other problems originating in the head. This system is powerful to use in the healing environment.

The manual includes a Violet Ray Meditation.

Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana