Vortex Point Energy Radiance



Vortex Point Energy Radiance is an unbelievable life force pattern. It activates the third eye, harmonizes all of the chakras, aligns the subtle bodies and accesses the Akashic Records. It can enhance healing work, shamanic work, mediation, channeling, and activates your healing abilities. This system can be used for balancing the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies.

Vortex Point Energy Radiance has powerful vibrations and radiance, and creates a bubble of light around the body. It can be a spiritual protection and purification energy, providing protection from lower astral energies, creates an energy vortex, clearing out unwanted energies. It can clear all the chakras by placing a crystal on each of the 7 chakras lengthwise or between them to delete stagnant energies between the chakra meridians.

The energy of this attunement will expand awareness of the self, build confidence in the self and removes unuseful patterns in behavior.


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso