Witch Magick LightWork Program

Witch Magick LightWork Program works with the energies of magick and universal creative source energy. Each attunement builds energy to expand into the next level so that your personal power and energies become stronger and more effective as you grow and use them.

Witch Magick LightWork Program reaches beyond the limitations of Body, Mind and Spirit to focus on becoming truly magickal and empowered as you transform into the BE-ing of magick and light you desire to be.

The energies of this system are easy to use and powerful. They bring in feelings of self-confidence and positive attitude as you work with them. You are given practical methods of using magick and lightwork.

There are three levels in the Witch Magick Lightwork Program.

Level 1: Protect
One of the most important things anyone who works with energy can do is to protect themselves. This is true of people who work with electricity, fire, water power, or even earth such as mining, moving boulders, etc. In energy work such as Magick and LightWork it is always wise to have some spiritual protection. In magick you will need protection from energies of negative people and entities that may interfere with the spell work you are doing, or that may attach to you and cause trouble for you in many ways. In LightWork you need protection from negative energies that cause illness and from spirits that feed from your energies and those you are working to heal.

Level 2: Empowerment
In both magick and lightwork there is a need to be empowered in order to succeed in the desire you are working for. In Magick you must stand in your power with knowledge and self-confidence of what you want to achieve. You must believe that it is possible to achieve or have your desire. There is a connection to the Goddess energy, especially that promotes and boosts your personal power for success.

Level 3: Healing
In magick, healing is very prominent. There is a special energy that comes from Mother Earth to protect, empower and heal us. In magick there is always a balance of giving and receiving. In lightwork healing is a giving of energy to clear out illness, stress and disease as we draw in light, love and spiritual power of the creative source or infinite intelligence.

You will be attuned to a symbol to connect you quickly to the higher infinite intelligence/source energy for all forms of protection, empowerment and healing with this system.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)