Goddess Aine

The Celtic Goddess Aine is best known as the Fairy Queen of Munster. She is a fairy healing Goddess, a moon Goddess and a love Goddess. She encourages love in humans, knowing to fix a hopeless couple when called upon. She an be invoked for love spells, fertility, fairy, magick, abundance, prosperity, punishing sex crimes, keeping magical vows, revealing faeries, bearing magical children and elaving unsuitble mates. She is connected with the sun and the moon, and is sometimes celebrated during the Summer Solstice. Goddess Aine is the patroness of crops and cattle.

Goddess Aine is a triple Goddess. In her Maiden aspect she has the ability to reward her devotees with the gift of poetry. As a Mother Goddess she is associated with lakes and wells with great powers of healing. In her third aspect of the Dark Goddess she has the ability to appear to mortal men as a woman of great beauty to spellbind them.

The manual includes correspondences, tales and legends of Goddess Aine.

Founder: Elizabeth (Midnightowl) Hibel