Hummingbird Empowerment

This empowerment comes through the joy and bliss of the hummingbird that drinks of the beautiful flowers on this earth. The flower that the hummingbird drinks from is the Flower of Life that feeds and nourishes our bodies. We also have a flower within our own heart. A red rose that is our connection to the Flower of Life within us. This empowerment activates our own inherent joy and heart by focusing on the attributes of the hummingbird.

Known for happiness and joy, the hummingbird represents a love for life. The feathers of hummingbirds have been used to make love charms. According to Native American mythology, hummingbirds are messengers between the worlds and they help shamans keep nature and spirit in balance. They are considered to be sacred pollinators that bring and abundance of new life.

Those with the hummingbird as a totem are a joy for others to be around. They always try to encourage and bring out the best in others. Hummingbird people disdain discord, and will quickly fly away seeking more harmonious surroundings. They have the keen ability to see the essence of things.

The Great Mother is our earth home, Mother Gaia. As such she has within her a great heart that resides deep within her that is the Flower of Life. The Hummingbird Empowerment taps into the energy stored there. The flower of life is all encompassing and is programmed with the cycles needed for humankind to one day ascend beyond this physical dimension.

A hummingbird’s unique flying pattern and wings mimic the flight of cherubs and swift biblical creatures seen in prophetic visions. The sound of their winds in flight represents swift action in doing sacred service.

Founder: Wren Kihara