Magickal Tree Essence Empowerment

The Magical Tree Essence Empowerment ethereally connects you with the energies of the trees and teaches you to connect with the spirit who dwells within the trees in order to give your healings a little more magic in their ability to heal and assist all those who call and connect with them.

It is now possible to give a powerful and effective healing to yourself or others by accessing the vibrational frequencies of the Trees. The honor and use of tree energies are found in the religions and mythology from almost every culture on the planet. A tree is seen as a link between the earth and the sky.

A Tree Meditation is given in the manual that must be performed both before and after your attunement has been accepted.

Included in this system:

How to Find Your Own Healing Tree
How to See a Tree’s View of the World
Clearing Negativity with Trees

The Magickal Tree Essence Empowerment manual includes many situations in which an etheric tree healing can help. This can range from clearing and rebalancing the chakra system, clearing your environment, astral travel, recovery from illness, creativity and much more.

The trees you will be connected to:

Apple Ash
Beech Birch
Elder Eucalyptus
Fig Laurel/Bay
Magnolia Mimosa
Oak Orange
Peach Pine
Walnut White Willow

Founder: Jay Burrrell