Absolutely Abundant

The Divine Source gives us the Absolute infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment to remove states of fear and lack, and to empower us to ask for what we want and believe that we deserve to receive. Ridding us of the tendency towards focusing on what we don’t have, we will be energized with conviction and belief that what we are asking for WILL be granted.

In truth, after we make our request known and believe absolutely that as a result of our intention our request is already manifesting in the INFINITE field of PURE POTENTIAL. We must trust that it will manifest!

What we focus on is what we will attract into our lives. This empowerment will help us trust that whatever we need will be provided in the Divine Moment we need it and this will bring a profound sense of inner peace.

We will live our lives with an attitude of calmness, accepting that we are always safe and will be provided for and have the inner knowing that here is ALWAYS more than ENOUGH for EVERYONE.

We live in an ABSOLUTELY INFINITELY ABUNDANT UNIVERSE where all that we desire is ours for the taking.

Abundance is an energy in and of itself and has the POWER to ATTRACT whatever we DESIRE into our lives. With the use of this empowerment we ill experience newfound attitudes of joy and gratitude for what we have as well as what we KNOW is coming!

We will live as the ABUNDANT BEINGS we were created to be.

Benefits Of Using The Absolute Infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment:
• Attract Abundance in all forms
• Manifest inner most dreams and desires
• Think bigger
• Experience attitudes of joy and gratitude
• Live as Abundant beings
• Release lie of scarcity
• Act Absolutely Infinitely Abundant
• Experience increase in generosity, goodwill, charity
• See the More of what IS
• Magnetize good luck, fortune, prosperity and abundance
• Attain an infinite number of good ideas
• Be freed from states of fear and lack
• Experience feelings of safety and peace knowing that all our needs will be provided for
• Release more from the habit of seeing limits

Founder: Tracey Loper