Turquoise Flame

The turquoise energy ray stands for loving yourself. Turquoise stands for Atlantis and for the dolphins with their skill to communicate from one heart to another. They can help you to assimilate as much of the valuable life energy (Chi, Ki or Prana) as possible. The Turquoise Flame
is an angelic energy, which is made available to us in addition to the
twelve divine rays to carry us directly into the new energy. The angel-
essence Amai brings the Turquoise Flame to us. She is connected to the height of Atlantis as old potential prospered for common welfare. All
lived in conform to each other: humans, animals, plants and spiritual
beings supported each other and welcomed the divine spark in every

Included in the manual is a Message From Atlantis, and a meditation to
find your Atlantic name.This attunement will help you with the fears that stand between you and
your inner wisdom that may you may be avoiding, and can enable you to
hear your inner voice.

Founder: Christine Muller