Invitation Into The Lightship

Invitation Into The Light Ship is a High Energy Initiation In The New Age. This attunement has been upgraded from the original version.

Lady Solina received the following during a channeling: “I am Ashtar Sheran. Our light vessels are still invisible to your eyes, but soon you will be able to see them, as humans see their aircrafts. It will be necessary to expose our light vessels, when a fundamental change of awareness in all people on Earth takes place. When the required frequency is achieved, Lady Gaia will be able to take her last big step. It will happen without alerting, overnight without any prior notice. Our fleet will become visible to all of you.”

Ashtar Sheran is a member of the Intergalactic Confederation of LIght, fulfilling his task as the commander of the light fleet of Sananda, directed by Jesus. They are appointed to help humanity and the Earth to transform. They provide encouragement and assistance for our spiritual development.

During the activation you will go with Ashtar Sheran, if you’re ready, to his Lightship. With this high frequency energy which you will be connected to, all your bodies are cleaned and freed of blockages. Your frequency will be adjusted to the New time vibration. Fears are released, all your levels are strengthened, and healing occurs if your soul allows it.

Thus you are prepared for the coming period when all light fleets are visible in our “heavens”.

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer)