Lemuria White Ray Priesthood

The White Ray Priesthood is a High Vibrational Energy system of the New Age. It has been upgraded from the original system.

Lady Solina received the following information during a channeling from Seraphis Bay. The day of the great event is getting inexorably closer, and the gates of Lemuria will be opened. I am speaking to you today, since you were once in Lemuria as a Priestess of the White Ray serving to the highest light.

Now it is time to be awakened, for those, like you worked in the great Crystal Temple as Priests and Priestesses.

Remember your divinity, remember what happened there. It will happen again without announcement.

I, Seraphis Bey, the High Priest of the White Ray of Lemuria, I am waiting for you in the great Crystal Temple to welcome you and to perform the sacred initiation to the Priesthood of the White Ray on you.”

This attunement is the first part of the system of Priesthood of the White Ray. It is part of a trilogy of Lemurian systems.

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The high priest of the great Crystal temple of Lemuria is now calling all the priests/priestesses of the White Ray who once served in the great Crystal temple. During this attunement you will go with Seraphis Bey to the Dimension of Lemuria. All your energy bodies will be cleansed, you’ll be grounded and balanced. Your frequency is raised as it is appropriate for you.

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer)