Sanat Kumara Rainbow Transformation

Sanat Kumara I Rainbow Transformation is a High Energy Dedication System of the New Age. The energies have been upgraded from the original version.

The energy of SANAT KUMARA will free you from “earthly existence”.

When you recognize the divine in earthly existence you will know that the meaning of life is spiritual and not material. You will understand yourself as a divine being in this earthly life. Life becomes a dance that is full of joy.

Sanat Kumara energy heals the battle with duality and connects the opposite poles of your body. The energies are strengthened and the connection between higher self and earth consciousness, between cosmic and earthly energy, between our masculine and feminine side and between higher consciousness and the physical body is balanced and made whole. It helps to bring you peace.

The energy of SANAT KUMARA opens the access to higher consciousness and will give you new insight of capabilities in life!

With this attunement, important energy channels will be activated in you that connect you with Lady Shyenna (Gaia). The arrival of your light brothers and sisters approaches.

During activation of RAINBOW TRANSFORMATION your important channels and channels for the planetary ascent are activated. Your 7 chakras are opened, cleaned, aligned and stabilized again. A deep connection with Lady Shyenna (Gaia) is made in you and it is embodied firmly.

Prerequisite: Receiving this attunement presupposes knowledge in energy work.

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer