Abundant Purpose Attunements 1-9 is a series of attunements designed to help you get n touch with your true purpose and mission in life, and to be supported while doing it. Support may come in the form or money and financial success or in the form of other people supporting you so you can focus on your life’s work. This energy will help you get in touch with what your purpose is and what your best career path at this time may be. It is an energy that can break through indecision and lack of focus in regards to career, business and life path.

Be open to however this energy shifts things for you. Give the changes some time, for some they could take six months to a year or even longer to fully manifest. For others changes may be immediate. It depends on where you are and whether it’s in your highest and best interest to move fast or slow.

There is at least a one day period between receiving attunements.

Founder: Stephanie Brail