Anna-PerennaAnna Perenna is the Roman Goddess of long life and renewal, health and plenty. Her two names both make reference to the year: anna means “to live through a year”, while perenna means “last many years”. She seems to be concerned with cycles of renewal, and connecting the past to the present. She herself is described in some legends as old, and in others young. Her festival was held on the Ides of March, the 15th, or midpoint of the month, when in the old calendar the moon was full and the timing, both within the month as well as within the larger cycle of the year, also points to a relationship with memory, cyclical time, and endings becoming beginnings, for March was considered the first month of the year when springtime was in full flower and newness was all around.

Anna Perenna can help you with:
• Long-life
• Renewal
• Health
• Protection
• Plenty
• Happiness
• Prophecy
• Wisdom
• Protection of old people

Founder: Maria Joao Sereno (Brigitt)