Butterfly Maiden

In Hopi tradition the Butterfly Maiden rules the springtime and the Earth’s fertility. She helps you to reconnect with nature and discover that graceful butterfly within each of us, the one that effortlessly rises above problems, making the world its flower.

This spirit Goddess helps you shed your cocoon, grow your beautiful wings and fly to new heights! She oversees crops and gardens, ensuring that we have healthy food to consume for the year. She is very strong and can help your through any transformations that you are ready and willing to go through.

As a springtime Goddess in the Hopi tradition, Butterfly Maiden flutters into our hearts to remind us to taste life and to connect with nature. Butterfly Maiden is a kachina spirit of fertility and spiritual growth. Kachinas carry the prayers of the people to the ancestors in the spirit world. For the Hopis, the butterfly is a symbol of everlasting life and joy. This maiden spirit helps us to open our heart chakra of love and compassion, not only for others but for ourselves.

The Butterfly Maiden will help you with:
• Healing and clarity
• Balance
• Hope
• Taking Action
• Self-transformation
• Metamorphosis
• Shape-shifting
• Light
• Joy
• Renewal and rebirth
• Beauty
• Sexual healing and transformation
• And More

Founder: Maria Joao Sereno (Brigitt)