All-HealALL HEAL is an excellent way to begin most healing programs. It helps the self get involved in the healing process.

Many people feel overwhelmed when facing their own health issues. It is difficult for them to connect with their inner resources and stimulate the healthy healing process.

All healing comes from within. ALL HEAL helps us find the source of that power. It an be very helpful if a person has lost hope in their own healing abilities, and is also equally useful for the hypochondriac that uses illness as a form of receiving attention from others.

This system helps us to connect with our inner resources and stimulate the healing process, bringing help in our own healing abilities. By aiding in the etheric energy flowing into the physical body, it literally helps a person ‘re-cover’ from wounds or injuries to the body within a sheath of healing energy.

ALL HEAL will restore a person’s faith in themselves, allowing them to participate in the healing process. It draws on the Higher Self to generate the life force needed in healing.

This system is beneficial for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It can also be used to enhance other healing modalities for wellbeing.



The difference between ALL HEAL and ULTIMATE ALL HEAL is that the energy unfolds 1080 times more, making it more effective than the original version. ALL HEAL is a prerequisite to receiving this attunement.

Prerequisite: All Heal


Purchase ALL HEAL together with ULTIMATE ALL HEAL: $108



All Heal energy helps a person focus on their own innate healing ability by lining up their etheric and physical bodies making a space where healing energy can flow. With Ultimate All Heal 2015, the energy unfolds 100% more than Ultimate All Heal 2013 and greater than the original All Heal System.

Both ALL HEAL and ULTIMATE ALL HEAL are prerequisite for the upgraded 2015 attunement.



HEAL, ULTIMATE ALL HEAL and ULTIMATE ALL HEAL 2015 together.  You may receive The original All Heal


Founder: Hari Andri Winarso