Crossing-Over-BrigadeCrossing Over Brigade initiation provides you with authority and privilege to call upon this troop of sacred gatekeepers and escorts to assist crossing over for the spirits of people, animals, birds, fish or amphibians who have passed on. These psychopomps can help escort the souls into the afterlife. If you are an Ordained Minister or in the course of your daily life or night work, have ever helped people cross over from this reality to the heavenly realms, this initiation is for you!

This initiation is especially useful with those people who either don’t believe in life after death, or are scared that they won’t arrive in a good place. These people are often unwilling to go onward. The Crossing Over Brigade are highly persuasive in a loving manner.

When there is conflict for a person or animal, fish, fowl or amphibian who has passed quickly from its physical body, when the physical body perishes, may not realize their body is dead. Because they are “conscious” they may believe they are still “alive”. Accidents that kill humans, birds, reptiles and animals are where this is frequently seen. It also happens with pets who are loyal to their “owners” and feel like they need to go back to them, and also for any person who passes with any type of “unfinished” business.

The Crossing Over Brigade will help people resolve their fears about crossing over, and help them to be spiritually able to consider a different reality they what they are imagining. They will help a person accept forgiveness for any wrong they feel would prevent them from going to a good place after death, and help people to be open to the possibility of a heaven being better than the limiting view their religion may have had.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture