Crystalline-Rays-StabilizerCrystalline Rays Stabilizer works in two rays, Red and Green. The Red Ray works on the Root Chakra and the Green Ray works on the Heart Chakra to bring the body functions into harmony and balance.

This is a multidimensional healing energy.

Physical Healing:
Stabilization of the physical crystallization process, anchoring either a positive or a negative now consciousness that can positively restructure the cells.

Emotional Healing:
Helps strengthen the needs and the thought process of the physical body so that it can accept the healing that has taken place.

Mental Healing:
Produces the thought that creates the balance of the emotional and physical acceptance.

Spiritual Healing:
Produces the openness and wellbeing that allows you to be available and receptive to God’s energies, acting as a protective shield to repel your own negative thoughts.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso