Divine-Mind-Divine-Soul-Divine-Spirit-Connection-Activation-Regular use of the Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit Connection Activation allows the mind and soul to create peace within as well as externally in your immediate environment. It aligns and connects you to Divine Source, opening unlimited possibilities, potentials, consciousness, expanded higher thinking and more, and gives you a deep and profound connection to the Divine and to your Soul.

This energy system reconnects our spiritual cord and reintegrates our mind and spirit to the Divine Source. It guides you and helps you to access the magic place within the brain that connects to the Divine Mind, that is one with the Divine Mind, so that you think and act in alignment with the Divine Mind. Our inner light, the spark that is Divine is reignited so that we are in full alignment with the Source of All That Is.

Benefits of Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit Connection Activation:

Reconnects Spiritual Cord and Reintegrates Mind and Spirit to the Divine Source
Enjoys the Divine Self and the Soul
Creates Peace Within as Well as In Immediate Environment
Connection to the Divine Mind
Ability to Think and Act in Alignment with the Divine Mind
Deeper Levels of Introspection, Inner Reflection
Improves Clarity and Focus on Daily Activities and Spiritual Practices
Opened to Unlimited Possibilities, Potentials, Conscious Awareness
Expended Consciousness, Higher Thinking
Reignites the Inner Light, Spark of the Divine
Release of False Perceptions of Littleness, Limitation
Become Conscious Creators
Deep and Profound Connection to the Divine and to Our Soul
Fulfillment of Dreams
Higher Vision to Recognize New Opportunities, Pathways, Solutions, Answers, that Perhaps Were Escaping Us Before
Quieted Minds, Thoughts, Elimination of the Desires of the Ego, so that We Can Hear the ‘Voice’ of the Divine
Experience Awakening of Consciousness to the Divine Mind, Divine Soul, Divine Spirit, to Highest Potential, Highest Expression as a Soul
Experience the Presence and Activity of the Divine Dwelling Within
Life Filled With an Abundance of Love and Happiness
Enhanced Ability to Receive Divine Communication Through Intuition
Cultivation of Thoughts of Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Kindness
Enhances Higher Divine Qualities and Attributes
Encourages Practice of Forgiveness, Non Judgment, Unconditional Love Against Those Who Oppose Us, Oppress Us, Even Our Enemies
Protective Shield Against Those Who Try To Do Us Any Harm
Protection Against Mistaking an Illusion as Truth
And Much More!

Founder: Tracey Loper