Divinity-Within-Activation-With-Inner-Portals-ActivationDivinity Within Activation:
You have inner portals inside your body that lead to any place and any time within multiple realities and universes. Divinity Within Awakening actives those portals and strengthens your connection with Divinity so that you can receive the energies as breathing from the inside. There will be a new confidence in your interconnectedness with creation, as well as your ability to participate with life at a deeper, more meaningful level. When you are filling with useable energy from the inside, life feels safer for you as you always have a way to be supported no matter what is happening in the outer realities.

Most people feel alone because of the gap between them being here and Eternal Sacred Source being “there”, wherever their perception of “there” may be. So they seek to feel more spiritual connection and support from Source. The original Divine Blueprint for this Universe and Earth reality had ease of connection with Source built into it. It was designed to be a free will zone. The local gods here thought they could improve upon the design, but their changes resulted in it being more difficult to commune and communicate with Eternal Sacred Source.

Divinity Within Awakening re-awakens our God given right to communicate with and receive from our Creator, together with an activation of the portal through which you can receive and communicate you can be more confident and comfortable.

Inner Portals Activation:
The energy of this system will make it easier for you to utilize any energy system you are attuned to and gives a different route by which any energy system’s energy streams may arrive unto you. It is helpful to consciously activate the Inner Portals Activation when re-activating other energy systems if you want them to arrive to you through those entry points.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisites for Master Level:
1. Light Body Integration
2. Usui or Seichim Master
3. Recommended – Higher Will Self Alignment Personal or Master

Prerequisites for Personal Use Only:
1. Light Body Integration
2. Recommended – Higher Will Self Alignment

If you intend to share this system with others for Personal Use only you will need to purchase that manual to provide to your students and clients.

Master Teacher $72:

Personal Use: $54