Entropy-ReikiEntropy Reiki aims for an equal distribution of energy within the body and to heal any deficiency or lack of energy within it. This new technique aims for forming transformative elements in physical and ethereal bodies trough the use of energy that activates the triple heater in the heart which is responsible for distributing energy to the upward three chakras and the downward three. Healing occurs through requesting the Universe abundant energy to remove the disintegration in our physical and ethereal bodies.

Each energy meridian is related to specific emotions and thoughts through which we can release the Ki imprisoned within by activating the meridians through specific exercises that will lead to enhancing these meridians again to allow the energy to flow through them in harmony.

According to the ancient far-east medicine, the triple heater and the governing vessel are basic energy meridians related to vital organs within the body. The aura and the chakras can be done using the energy of this system.

Founder: Shareef Hazzaa