Eternal Sacred Source Interdimensional Healing ChamberThere are times when you just need to get clean. How wonderful to have any old stagnant energies removed while receiving just the right amount of replenishing! This Eternal Sacred Source Interdimensional Healing Chamber is a spiritual technology far beyond what our modern holistic practices have, that makes it possible for you to receive the type of holistic healing therapies you would if you were in Heaven or in a different universe on another planet.

You will imagine yourself laying in a comfortable inspiring chamber. You might feel the Interdimensional Medical Team scanning your body to determine where you need assistance.

This energy system is overseen by spiritual beings of Eternal Organic Living Light and Love. The assistance you receive is exactly what you need for right now. The interdimensional quality of this therapy is not limited to this reality. If something is happening outside this reality we may be leaking our life force to another place or time. To strive for optimal health, this therapy takes into consideration the whole person, body, md, spirit, emotions, connections with or influences from other dimensions and realities with which you have an affiliation.

Some of the many reasons to activate the energies of this system include the following:
• Has anything happened in your life, recently or in the distant past that still bothers you?
• Are you simply trying to accomplish so much in your daily life that you need an infusion of high vibrational spiritual energy to replenish you?
• Are there creative challenges that you are looking for inspiration for?
• Would you like just the right mix of spiritual and nature energies to uplift you?
• Are you trying to break a pattern in your life that you know is unhealthy?
• Are you wanting to be educated in regards to spiritual knowledge?
• Do you need your body to be more willing to listen to you and cooperate?

• You must be attuned to the Master Level to activate an Eternal Sacred Source Healing Chamber Session remotely for others.
• You must be attuned to the Master Level to pass this attunement to others.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

If you intend to share this system with others for Personal Use only you will need to purchase that manual to provide to your students and clients.

Master Teacher: $90

Personal Use: $54