Implant-Removal-AttunementThe Implant Removal Attunement is a powerful tool that can be run for yourself, others and animals to remove negative implants from extraterrestrials. It defuses, clears, repairs holes and closes portals and clears the genetic lines connected to the implants.

When we are implanted by negative extraterrestrials, usually during a traumatic event like an accident, depression, divorce, drugs, any physical or psychological imbalance, this allows negative elementals, also called parasites to create more havoc.

This attunement assists in:
• Defusing the implants
• Clearing the implants
• Clears imprints and cellular memory of the implants once defused and removed
• Releasing and clearing cords and hooks connected to the implants
• Resequences the areas back to divine order
• Repairs holes and closes portals
• Clears the genetic lines connected to the implants that were removed

The Master Space Clearing Attunement is part of a series that must be completed in the following order:

  • Sequence #1 Etheric Clearing Attunement
  • Sequence #2 Entity Removal Attunement
  • Sequence #3 Implant Removal Attunement
  • Sequence #4 Master Space Clearing Attunement

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso