Gods-Clearing-Purification-With-Angel-TaharialYou are never alone, there are always Angels surrounding you, anticipating your petitions and waiting to intervene. Angels are happy to provide special considerations on your behalf for your highest most perfect good. All you need do is ask.

Taharial is the angel of clearing and purification. Like all angels, Taharial transmits God’s holy white light. His dispensation is the transmission of light while supporting the clearing and release of whatever is not of God, while providing purification, wholeness and restoration of perfection. He alleviates discord and impurity. No need is too small for Tahrial’s intercession as he will stand before God to intercede on yours or a loved one’s behalf.

Petition Angel Taharial for purging and purification of people, places or things, and for clearing and purification of dark or threatening energies or negativity. He will orchestrate on your behalf and provide formidable light filled assistance to clear and purify your aura, etheric cords, relationships, sickness, disease, depression, hopelessness, confusion and pain, as well as negative entities, astral parasites or the ill intent of others.

No darkness can linger where God’s holy white light is generated by Angel Taharial.

Founder: Manuela Marques