Greatness-EmpowermentThe Greatness Empowerment is a gift from Spirit given so that you can experience your true expansion, step into your inner personal power and embrace your greatness. It helps to transform any area of your life where you are struggling from difficulties at work, to relationship challenges, to financial problems, to blocks to abundant living and more.

If there is something that blocks you from discovering and embracing your greatness this healing empowerment will help you to release it and move forward fearlessly on your path of purpose. You can use the energy of this system to empower your thoughts so that you extract the lessons from perceived failures and heal from the affects of these self-judgments. You will be able to get in touch with your drive so that you can achieve positive results. It will transform your thoughts and false beliefs that there is some limitation that will not allow you to achieve your greatness.

This empowerment will give you a motivating energy boost to pursue what you are passionate about and begin creating and living your dreams. You will be able to accept the greatness that is yours by Divine right so that you do not settle for less than what the Divine intends for you in any area of your life.

The Greatness Empowerment can be used for:
• Reaching greatness
• Achieving goals in life
• Breaking barriers and hindrances to success
• A motivation boost
• Discovering innate talents, abilities, spiritual gifts
• Pursuing passions
• Thinking your way to greatness
• Unlocking unlimited potential and possibility within
• Overcoming fear; breaking fear of failure
• Creating successful habits
• Choosing greatness over mediocrity
• Tapping into the Higher Self
• Attracting successful positive people into your life
• Accepting the belief that you can be great
• Experiencing growth, betterment and improvement
• Striving for excellence
• Getting in touch with the extraordinary within you
• Feeling the true happiness that exists within you
• And so much more!

Founder: Tracey Loper