Healer-StarHealer Star is a powerful energy for Healers of all sorts. It helps you to find the Right Healing Modality and attracts in abundance those who will be best served by what you have to offer. It helps to keep the healer’s aura clear and free of attachments and cordings, protects from taking on another person’s problems or disease and allows the Healer to know the best approach to take with each individual so that healing at the deepest levels can occur.

This is high very high cosmic vibrational energy that lifts you completely out of the earth plane dimension for support and healing on any level. This energy is then grounded in the body so that it may be shared with others. This system helps us to allow healing to happen in our lives through deep understanding that we are worthy of healing and that healing on any level as individuals helps to heal everyone and everything on the planet.

Healer Star attunes you to the cosmic vibration of all things.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso