He'o-La-Ki-Energy-SystemHe’o La Ki is Spiritual Energy from the Source. It is a reminiscence to the very start of all, a journey back to the very origin, to the original love, to “ALL IS ONE”. Through the attunement to the symbols of this system you will be connected with your very original potential, and in contact with your innermost being. The energy opens the possibility for you to remember your plan of life that you carry inside yourself and to remember your own healer inside yourself. This union with the original energy assists you in getting in touch with spiritual assistants and angels, helps you to find wellbeing and peace inside yourself, and helps your psyche and soul to find harmony.

Attunement to this system may lead you to the original energy, to the source of every being, the source of everything. Everything came from this original energy that is unconditional love, that which makes everything possible.

The Symbols Of This System:

1. A way to intuition and to the unconscious; these will be strengthened, helping you to recognize who and what you really are!

2. Allows you to access love and purity of the soul. Your intellect, idealism, love, creativity and fulfillment will be encouraged and strengthened, helping you to have more love, compassion and appreciation.

3. Represents the mind and control of the elements and matter, and the infiniteness of eternity. It can help you to be released from duality, conquer negative parts of yourself and to find all-embracing pure love for all beings. You may learn to put your mind above matter and recognize who and what you truly are.

4. An outpouring, intensified and healing, symbolizing Original Love of the creator. This symbol can be used for bodily or emotional healing.

5. The heart of this system and at the same time its origin.

Prerequisite: Reiki Master Teacher

Founder: Heidi Gebhard-Burger