High-Energy-Keys-To-Healing-SuccessThere are four phases to success in anything you do.

High Energy Keys to Healing & Success Reiki always works and brings positive results. There are 4 attunements in this system. You will learn how to apply the energy to both healing and success in any area of your life. Once you understand how it fits together and how it works, it is easy to use this energy for improvement. This is a very high energy. There is also an energy infusion within the manual to boost your energies as you use the system. In this attunement Daelyn Wolf has combined Reiki and Magick to raise more power.


Level 1 – Commitment
Wen seeing success in any area of life one of the most important steps is commitment. This means being you are willing to put forth the time and effort necessary to manifest your desire. It also means that you are determined and will keep trying until you get it right and it works – bringing success. Without commitment you cannot succeed at anything. With commitment, you have a strong emotional energy that links you with the results you want to manifest. It is filled with positive high energy passion and motivation. Commitment works with the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Level 2 – Knowledge
Whatever it is you want to achieve, be, do, learn all you can about it. The knowledge you gain will help you to be successful. And if you have commitment, you will be excited to learn all about whatever you want to achieve because you will be interested in it. This puts our attention on what you want to manifest. It grows your desire within your mind and he more you learn, the more you want to know and you expand. Your energy, personal power and growth all expand, giving you more insight, greater perspective, and more options. Knowledge can also come from knowing without knowing how you know – or clairsentience – as you will receive messages that you can trust and are true through spirit, intuition and gut instincts. Knowledge works with the mind. It is connected to the crown, third and sacral chakras.

Level 3 – Meditation
Through meditation, you use all of your senses and create the visual experience, with all of the physical perceptions – taste, touch, sight, hearing and smells through the mind in any energetic way. When you meditate, the physical body experiences what your energy bodies create and communicate. In this state you lose sense of time and space, and you walk in the energetic realms. Unlike astral travel, you have conscious control of your body because you don’t leave it – your energy bodies may be elsewhere but your spirit and energies stay closely connected to your physical body. You are aware of your emotions and your reactions that are physically triggered by your meditation. Your meditations are multidimensional. Meditation works with all chakras, but especially the crown chakra.

Level 4 – Laughter
Laughter is the great healer. It releases stress, relieves pain and illness. It also brings in positive manifestation of your goals and success. When you laugh, you feel good, even if it is only a temporary relief at the moment. It lets those healing and positive energies in so that healing is quicker and success rides the waves of joy. No matter what you are dealing with, laugher always raises your energy. Higher energies always draw success, healing and joy.

Founder: Daeyln Wolf (Linda Colibert)