Higher-Will-Self-AlignmentHigher Self Will Alignment assists to bring your higher self’s will into alignment with your conscious choices and priorities here in this reality. Your personality and beingness have made choices and you have grown and made decisions in your life. You have priorities that may differ from what your higher self would choose. Your higher self is likely working from direction made upon your incarnation without the various updates you have made since then. This system can bring you into accord with your Divine Plan if you haven’t forged a life plan for yourself that is more appropriate than what you showed up on planet Earth with.

Your higher self is a compilation of your various aspects of your soul. It is the differentiation of the you that you were intended to be when you were born, dropped in or walked into the bod you are in now. Your higher self has access to your life/soul contract for this lifetime. When you make changes in the direction you want your life to go while here on Earth in this body, you need to bring the will of your higher self into alignment with the changes you have made.

Activate this energy:
• When you have a descension (more of you arrives into your body)
• When you answer the call to serve Source in a new way
• When you observe something that changes your opinion
• When you consciously upgrade your energy frequencies
• When you activate spiritual codes of enlightenment
• When you want to change your life or your soul contract
• When you seek to download wisdom from your higher self
• When you feel an internal pressure due to trying to make sense of life
• When you require access to abilities you feel are your birthright
• Hip, ankle, wrist, knee, shoulder or solar plexus aches
• Any other time you want to verify that you are in sync with your higher self

Level 1 of Higher Self Will Alignment is about your sovereignty as a free will being on Earth. Level 2 is about aligning your will with Divinity so that you are truly in accord with Eternal Sacred Source. This system can fine-tune your sense of what is yours to do in each moment.

Anyone can receive both levels of this system but you must be a Reiki or Seichim Master to pass the attunement to others.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture