Highest-Energy-Vibrational-HealingWe are vibrational BE-ings. Our physical world and the entire universe is all vibrational including all realms. Each level of frequency connects you to anything on that frequency, just like a radio frequency. Highest Energy Vibrational Healing connects you and adjusts your frequency to source energy – the God energy by any name you choose to call it. It is the highest frequency our physical bodies can handle. The results are amazing when you practice the art of healing with the high energy of this system. It works to heal all levels of BE-ing and transforms your energy to the highest frequency.

This powerful energy works on all levels, healing with light and energy. It is one of the best systems for healing body, mind, spirit, soul, emotion, chakras and aura. As you heal these areas of your BE-ing with Frequency energies, all of the other areas and situational issues begin to heal and fall into place too.

Founder: Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)