Huna-EmpowermentsHuna is a word describing the spiritual practices kept in the ancient Hawaiian culture. With Huna practice, we can become happy, wiser, and are able to manifest our dreams. We develop an understanding of how the Universe really works, and are connected and embraced by the Earth and all of he beings that live on and in our world. This system contains 18 attunements and much more information about practices to work with.

Huna is centered in the here and now. It deals with the mundane day-to-day reality n the physical world while also helping practitioners to reach states of great awareness and clarity, resulting in personal growth, greater happiness, and the ability to affect the environment in a positive way.

Huna is often called a Psycho-Spiritual tradition and often classed as Shamanic. Huna and Kahuna teachings are not easily definite and can never be confined into any one definition. It is primarily an experience rather than an intellectual pursuit, though all aspects of the self and reality are honored and harmonized.

One meaning of the word Huna is secret or hidden. This is in the sense of the sacred and was revealed after much care and preparation. As humankind levels we will e able to connection with the spiritual realities and formerly hidden information at will. The true purpose of a secret is to temporarily conceal something in order to provide a delightful surprise at the chosen moment.

Seven Huna Principles (From Serge King)
Awareness: The world is what you think it is
Freedom: There are no limits
Concentration: Energy flows where attention goes
Persistence: Now is the moment of power
Love: To love is to be happy with
Confidence: All power comes from within
Wisdom: Effectiveness is the measure of truth

• Mana Carrying Energy Body Enhancement
• Aura Strengthening Attunement
• Mana Fountain Attunement
• Earth Blessings Attunement
• Earth Blessings Booster
• Ha Breath Method and Attunement
• Piko Piko Breath
• Breath of Life enhancement
• Nervous System, Circulatory System and Organ Enhancements
• Heart Foundation Attunement
• Eye of the Kanaloa Flower Attunement
• Subconscious Cleansing Attunement
• Mental Clearing Shakti
• Detoxification Shakti
• Aka Cords
• Huna Healing Shakti
• Kahi Healing Technique
• Harmonizing the Three Selves Attunement
• Heart of the Sun Attunement
• Cross of Fie Attunement and Procedure
• The Ao
• Blessing, The Aloha Spirit
• “Now” Manawa Attunement
• Five Elements Cycle
• Ho-o-pono-pono Shakti
• Huna Soul Fusion Set
• Attunement to Enhance Nalu Meditation
• Individualized Energy Work

Founder: Peggy Jentoft