Isis-Unveiled-Radiance-HealingMaya, the founder of Isis Unveiled Radiance Healing states in the manual that she experienced some intense healing spontaneously during her work with Goddess Isis during the Solstice and Supermoon convergence in June 2013. The profound effects were still intensely felt days later, prompting her to enter into a period of meditation and prayer devoted to Goddess Isis in her unveiled aspect. This form of Isis expresses the deepest feminine lunar currents and is associated with magick, ritual, psychic work, Women’s mysteries, fertility, abundance and creativity in all forms.

Reconciliation of opposites whereby the one is made whole, is an essential goal of magick and other mystical traditions. With our conscious acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves we can attain to higher frequencies and planes on our ascension journey. Honestly considering any aspects of yourself that you feel hesitant to accept or embrace and working with the energies of this attunement and meditation can lead to your healing and help your natural progression to ascension and wholeness.

There are three attunements for this system. The function of each is to reinforce your paradigm shift on different levels.

1. Imprints the pattern within your mind, setting the stage for your conscious embrace of the process and commitment to the process.

2. Imprints the same pattern of expression on your body.

3. Imprints the pattern on your Light Body – the etheric energy body that coexists with your mind and physical bodies and is the gateway to your Higher Self.

Founder: Rev. Dr. Anna Louise May